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Sacramone's Authentic Italian Food Reviews List

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Sacramone's Authentic Italian Food

Abruzzo is Italy's pastoral land where simple flavors of the earth and the sea create a food of abundant ingredients & vibrant flavors. This is cooking at its very best, with flavors kept fresh & simple. Abruzzo's mountain curtain separated the region from mainstream Italy for many years, creating a unique cuisine. Many of the dishes have remained treasured secrets of our mother Maddalena. By creating this restaurant, we wish to share the experience of growing up in a family of good cooks where food was & still is an expression of love and caring. This passion practiced in our Nonna's kitchen in Abruzzo and the same passion practiced in our mothers kitchen here in America has proudly been passed on to us. The passion is what we proudly bring to our customers at Sacramone's. Cooking for family and for you, our customers, is a constant joy for us. To celebrate and make people happy are the reasons my brother & I opened this restaurant.
Anthony & Domenico Sacramone
Sacramone's Authentic Italian Food Reviews List
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