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Saquella Reviews List

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Welcome to Saquella! Italian Bistro, Espresso Bar, European Bakery, Restaurant & Tapas Bar. Since 1856, Saquella family, from Pescara, Abruzzi, Italy, roasts one of the most unique boutique coffees in the world. Our Barista's are trained to prepare Cappuccino's like you see in the movies… At Saquella Cafe, we make everything fresh in house, from the Braising of our own Roast Beef, to the Roasting of the vegetable Antipasti, and to the making of our own Pesto's. We serve an amazing Breakfast, Lunch, and light Dinner, all accompanied with our freshly baked breads, and a pleasing variety of Wine and Beer. Our Menu has a European Healthy twist to it, designed to arouse your taste buds in a reasonably priced unique culinary experience, where each dish is made to order. Our Famous Baker, Lowil Stoller, is baking daily the most unique Pastries, Cakes, Cookies and Quiches. Her Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies were voted the best by the Sun Sentinel.
Saquella Reviews List
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