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Maria Bonita - NYC Reviews List

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Maria Bonita - NYC

Is a tribute to all the great women
in the world, who are Mothers,
Grandmothers, Aunts, Nieces, Mentors,
Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Friends,
Politicians, etc. who have touched our lives
in different ways, and have devotedly
dedicated their time, with sacrifice,
to create the human beings that are now
playing a role in our society.
Our homage is dedicated especially to the
Mother of God, Virgin Mary, and to all
women, for having the wonderful children
that today are creating a new and better
world for generations to come. Hence, our
mission is to provide a high quality of
hospitality service to our guests, where
families can enjoy and interact with their
children in a festive environment.
Maria Bonita - NYC Reviews List
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