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The Seahorse Tavern Reviews List

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The Seahorse Tavern

THE SEAHORSE TAVERN is bourne out of the life-long passions of neighborhood locals, who wanted to bring the cuisine they love—"comfort seafood"—to the people they love—family, friends, and, of course, neighbors. Their personal touches can be tasted on the menu; dishes using the freshest locally sourced seafood, create wonderfully inspired takes and many New England classics, such as fried oysters, Peeky-toe crab dip, and lobster rolls. The personal touches flourish as well with the decor; the bar and wainscoting are built from planks from the original Coney Island boardwalk, the lights and sconces were salvaged from big ships, the mirrors and artwork are antiques, and their signature seahorse is by Hamptons artist Drew Madden. The Seahorse Tavern hopes that its history with, knowledge of, and commitment to both comfort seafood and comforting patrons will draw in neighbors, old and new, and curious and hungry visitors for a long time.
The Seahorse Tavern Reviews List
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