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Amiya Reviews List

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Visually, Amiya, Parsippany is an "indian room", with a beautifully outfitted formal dining space, private party rooms, and fabulously noteworthy bar/lounge. It is elegant in design, bringing in fabrics, colors and textures reminiscent of India. It is flavorful in menu design, capturing the varied tastes across the subcontinent with an emphasis on being true to the authentic taste of the major staple in that particular dish. The wine menu is great in depth and variety, boasting it's own cellar, within view of the dining rooms. The bar cocktail menu, including it's bar food menu is a tempting and innovative list of spirits and delicious "snacky" foods.

We believe that a great dining experience is about the whole package; it's about engaging all the senses. We hope to have done that in Amiya, Parsippany creating art. taste. experience.
Amiya Reviews List
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