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Carpe Diem by Cafe de France Reviews List

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Carpe Diem by Cafe de France

CARPE DIEM by Cafe de France is operated by Olivier, a 6th generation chef and baker. His culinary heritage dates back to 1820 when his family opened their first bakery in Northern France. The original bakery is still in existence today. "Quan minimum credule postero, Carpe Diem" (seize the day) embodies our new concept. We are still dedicated to excellent dining, rich wines, and superb service. What will change? We are expanding the restaurant with new seating, an upgraded kitchen, and a modern flair without losing our heritage. We are adding new dishes from around the world to our menu. French and World Fusion...all done with elegance. We also strive to use only fresh, natural, and organic ingredients. We don't use any bases, powders, or pre-made products. Tradition, with a touch of fusion, in a healthy way. Come join us at Carpe Diem and enjoy today with an elegant meal and a bottle of fine wine...
Carpe Diem by Cafe de France Reviews List
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