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Miyabi - Modern Kappo Reviews List

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Miyabi - Modern Kappo

The Authentic Japanese Dining Experience at Modern Kappo Miyabi. Desperately seeking sushi? Or maybe authentic Japanese dishes? We have everything you need to satisfy your craving for a delectable Japanese meal. Enjoy the simple form of genuine Japanese style dishes by not only sushi aficionados, but also by folks from the Japanese community, including friends and visitors from Japan. The secret of our popularity come from the seasoned head chef who ensures the ultimate in authenticity at an affordable price. Whether you're a true lover of sushi, or just a novice, Modern Kappo Miyabi has what you're looking for. Come in and enjoy a variety of soups, teriyakis, yakitori, and of course the freshest sushi and sashimi available. In addition we feature a wide selection of drinks including Beer, Japanese sake, shochu and wine.
Miyabi - Modern Kappo Reviews List
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