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Brabant Reviews List

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Named after the historic province located in the heart of Belgium until it was divided in 1995. Brabant seeks to revitalize and reunite this culturally-rich region in the heart of New York City. At Brabant, there is no division between the French-speaking Wallonia and the Dutch-speaking Flanders—all are welcome to come together in an old-world brasserie setting and enjoy the finest cuisine and beer that Belgium has to offer. More specifically, as you wash down a hearty bite of our Carbonnade Flamande with a dark Belgian ale, like Chimay Blue, dip the last of your frites in one of our special Belgian sauces or indulge in a Brussels-style waffle topped with warm Belgian chocolate and homemade whipped cream, you will at the same time be captivated by the warmth that emanates from Brabant's cozy and charming interior and the endearing service provided by our staff, which includes the passionate and innovative Belgian chef Armand Vanderstigchel.
Brabant Reviews List
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