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Always Thai Reviews List

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Always Thai

Welcome to Always Thai! Nestled under the brown line El, Always Thai is more than just Thai. With satay, curries, edamame, tempura, and shu mai on the menu, it is a pan-Asian eatery, with substantial take out business for neighborhood residents. The room, which seats 40, isn't fancy, but a colorful mural brightens the scene. Nam sod(ginger salad) is served in a fun, stylish bowl, with a slightly sweetened lime dressing and is a light, unexpected start to the meal. Pad kee mao is a tasty dish of drunken noodles, served with plump shrimp. There isn't a specific regional focus to the menu but there aren't many missteps either, making Always Thai a great choice for post-cubs games or a casual dinner. The owners and staff are extremely friendly and take much care in the preparation of their dishes and use only the freshest ingredients. They strive for 100% customer satisfaction every time. Hands down Always Thai is serving up some of the best Thai with amazing lunch specials too!
Always Thai Reviews List
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