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Asa Dos Reviews List

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Asa Dos

Asa Dos translates to “roasted” in Spanish, & refers largely to carne asado, the delicious roasted meats of Argentina. This carnivore’s kingdom is the perfect addition to Surfside’s tasty village. Homemade empanadas & croquettes decorate a selection of appetizers ranging from sweetbreads to grilled octopus, & there are several selections from the sea on the menu. But the backbone here is the beef. Vacio steak, a traditional Argentine cut is grilled to perfection, & an 18-ounce porterhouse is served for the not-so-faint-of-heart. Mixed grill selections include short ribs, sweetbreads, chicken, & the don’t-knock-it-till-you-try-it treat, savory blood sausage. Minding their Italian roots, we offer irresistible pasta dishes like Cannelloni Crêpes, & on the 29th of each month, we celebrates the large Italian population of Argentina with "Gnocchi 29," when money is hidden under each heaping plate of plump Gnocchi for good luck. Asa 2 is a place for festive, family-owned deliciousness.
Asa Dos Reviews List
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