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TQLA Houston Reviews List

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TQLA Houston

TQLA celebrates the heritage and flavors of Southwestern and Coastal Mexican cooking by combining the freshest ingredients with a fun and energetic atmosphere. When you first walk into the restaurant you will notice the local artisan pieces incorporated into the decor such as the Tequila bottle tiki torches, the inviting glow of the "worm" bar, the turbulent flow of the dining room ceiling mesh sculpture and the backlit sunset casting a welcoming light on the semi-private dining space.

TQLA’s name pays homage to one of the fastest growing spirits in the world. Tequilas and Mezcals can be enjoyed much like any fine wine or single malt Scotch. With complex flavors and undertones present, there is much more than meets the eye. Our master mixologists use their knowledge of our vast selections to make some of the finest infusions, cocktails and martinis in Houston.
TQLA Houston Reviews List
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