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Ombra Reviews List

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In the Italian city of Venice, when locals want a little wine and a light snack, they often head for the local "bacaro." There, they can order wine by the glass, known as an Ombra. This beverage got its name, literally meaning "shadow," from the city's hardworking gondoliers and merchants, who stopped periodically for some refreshment and stood in the shade cast by the surrounding buildings, as they sipped a glass of wine. The idea behind Ombra Ristorante in Studio City is to provide the experience and feel of a local restaurant one could find not only in Venice, but in any Italian city. Ombra will represent local, bistro-fare at its best. Moderate prices, great food, and a cool, un-intimidating staff will draw an eclectic and varied clientele. At its core, Ombra is the quintessential neighborhood restaurant.
Ombra Reviews List
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