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Terrasse Nelligan Reviews List

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Terrasse Nelligan

A unique vantage point

Nothing punctuates warm weather better than those scents of summertime-grilling. This stunning rooftop space offers premium cuts of meat and fresh fish, expertly prepared to order on the outdoor grill. Its vantage point, unique: rather than soar above the Old City’s many landmarks it sits roof-level with the Notre Dame Basilica, offering detailed views of century-old architecture. Spin 180 degrees and you’re facing the majestic river port that runs along the beautiful St. Lawrence.

Every Thursday, mingle with Old Montreal’s favourite happy hour crowd. Enjoy delicious smoothies, served spiked or virgin, and choose from a list of expertly updated cocktails. For the perfect summer quencher, try the white sangria made with sparkling wine!
Terrasse Nelligan Reviews List
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