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Massa' Italian Kitchen & Bar Reviews List

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Massa' Italian Kitchen & Bar

Massa' Italian Kitchen & Bar is brought to life by father and son team, Pasquale and Francesco Coli. In business together for more than a decade, they open Massa' as their second venture. Pasquale serves as Massa' consulting chef and brings his expertise of the Italian cuisine to life through a classic menu. Massa' features a variety of Italian dishes on its menu.

The name of the restaurant, Massa', short for masseria, is an old-world country farmhouse on an estate often found in Puglia, where Pasquale and Francesco were born. The restaurant was completely renovated for a "farmhouse" ambiance with a planked vaulted ceiling, floor to ceiling stone fireplace and wood floors. The wood throughout is reclaimed wood over 100 years old sourced from barn houses in New England adding to the authentic, rustic feel.
Massa' Italian Kitchen & Bar Reviews List
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