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C19 Cichetteria Reviews List

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C19 Cichetteria

Cicheteria defined: from Venetian origin; written “Cichetteria”; pronounced Chik-eh-terria.
A Cichetteria is a place where small plates, “cichetti,” are served, & guests can taste various wines, typically fresh, from local winemakers. At C19 Cichetteria, from our boutique winery, the wines are served from early morning until late at night. A weekly fresh market menu is offered for customers to indulge on our house specialties. C19 Cichetteria prides itself on its respect for mother earth & the environment & our knowledge of the food & wine we serve. Owner Andrea Luca Rossi is hands on, usually found working behind the bar or in the kitchen…sometimes even as a server…but always a great host. His expertise & authentic Venetian flair makes this bar & restaurant unique to the Philadelphia restaurant scene.
C19 Cichetteria has created a “Zero Miles Campaign,” in addition to the slow food movement lifestyle we implement. All of the products are purchased from local producers.
C19 Cichetteria Reviews List
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