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Bella Cena Reviews List

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Bella Cena

Our food is as pure, sincere & genuine as mountain spring water. No fusion, no gimmicks, no shenanigans. We remain true to the artisan way of cooking, brought to America by my mother, Clelia, featured in many newspapers & magazines for her award-winning recipes. In the 1950s & ‘60s, in Rome, she cooked for many famous people in the film industry. Her favorite pupil for 15 years, Ugo, is still in the kitchen cooking her delicious recipes for you to enjoy.

P.S. In 2001 I told my mother, “Things are changing. The restaurants are now doing food designing, color combinations, etc. etc.” She looked at me & said, “If people want to see designs & colors, they should go to a museum, not a restaurant.” And that’s my mother: never makes long speeches. Enjoy your meal.
Bella Cena Reviews List
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