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Wild Rice Reviews List

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Wild Rice

Wild Rice is a socially conscious restaurant serving modern Chinese cuisine in Vancouver's historic Chinatown. Opened in 2001 (Year of the Snake), Wild Rice offers a dining experience that is unique in Canada and perhaps, the world. Situated literally on the east meets west cross roads on the edge of Vancouver’s Old Chinatown, Wild Rice is also a place where the FAR EAST MEETS THE YOUNGEST PART OF THE NEW WORLD ON THE PACIFIC RIM OF NORTH AMERICA. Owner Andrew Wong has been passionate about, and committed to, sustainable, local food and business practices long before they became a trend. Wild Rice epitomizes the exciting cultural mixes that are informing Vancouver and leading the way for the rest of the continent. Housed in a sleek contemporary room with Asian accents, Wild Rice presents dishes that BLEND ANCIENT TRADITION WITH LOCAL, SUSTAINABLE AND ORGANIC INGREDIENTS to provide innovative modern Chinese cuisine in a contemporary setting.
Wild Rice Reviews List
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