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Marben Restaurant Reviews List

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Marben Restaurant

488 Wellington Street West
Toronto, ON M5V 1E5

“Marvelous Marben; It’s all mine!” Joanne Kates; Restaurant Critic, Globe and Mail. “Man, the food is good. What’s not to like? Three-and-a-half Stars(out of four). ”Ami Pataki; Restaurant Critic, Toronto Star. “Desperately seeking Perfect Restaurant...must be handsome, elegant and outstanding with food. Introducing Marben!,-See, you’ve found the perfect relationship.” Aya McMillan;; “Sure, you revel in being the automatic “go-to” girl for weekend plans-“Where are we going? What’s new? What’s hot?” Even if it feels like an inquisition. Take a break, take everyone to Marben and watch their heads explode!”

Dining Style: Casual Dining
Price: CAN$31 to CAN$50
Parking: Public Lot
Cross Street: Spadina
Marben Restaurant Reviews List
This restaurant has not been reviewed.