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Charlie Palmer at The Joule Reviews List

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Charlie Palmer at The Joule

When hospitality entrepreneur Charlie Palmer comes to town, you can expect the master chef’s signature elevated American cooking—and more. Although based on culinary tradition with a deep and lasting infusion of classical French cuisine, Palmer’s food has always been an extension of his personality—and there’s no denying that he’s a big American guy. Influenced by his childhood experience working in his family’s vegetable garden, Palmer was an early advocate of farm over factory food. In 1988, he made a landmark commitment to creating dishes featuring regional American ingredients at his sublime three-star Aureole, situated in a brownstone off Manhattan’s Madison Avenue. “In Texas, we’re going beyond free range,” says Palmer. “We’re into free will.” Although the menu features entrees in all the major categories from meat to shellfish, how the meal comes together depends on the individual diner. “Why shouldn’t we let people choose sides,” asks the chef.
Charlie Palmer at The Joule Reviews List
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