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La Casa de Samuel Reviews List

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La Casa de Samuel

This Little Village spot isn’t your average Mexican restaurant. Sure, you'll find standard tacos, burritos and tortas on the menu. But sprinkled in among the usual Mexican suspects are some truly exotic options, including vibora de cascabel(fried rattlesnake), served in red or green sauce or sauteed in fresh garlic, as well as jabali (wild boar) and lagarto (alligator) prepared in the same manner. And if you look past the usual nachos and other expected appetizers, you’ll find angulas a la bilbaina, Spanish baby eels sauteed in fresh garlic and chile de arbol, and ancas de ran, fried or grilled frog legs. There are also plenty of steak, chicken and seafood standards, but if you’re looking for a walk on the wild side you won’t be disappointed.
La Casa de Samuel Reviews List
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