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Angara Indian Restaurant Reviews List

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Angara Indian Restaurant

Angara stands for “Red Hot Coal”. Need we say more? Discover why we call this classic Indian Restaurant red hot coal. From Tandoori chicken, slathered in yogurt, seasoned with saffron and grilled to succulence in a clay oven to Lamb Vindaloo resonated with peppery heat and vinegary tang, while black lentils cooked in cream raising those legumes to glorious hew heights. The bread—some whispering of mint, other stuffed with sautéed onions or minced lamb—come to the table warm and wonderful. And this is a vegetarian’s paradise. Veg. Tikka Masala, Matar Paneer, bhindi Masala, you name it we got it. If you are a dal lover, do ask for our dal of the day. The food is prepared is home style, we never use any MSG and our customer service is legendry and do try our Mango Chicken. The wide selection of beer and wine specially imported from India makes for a fine experience.
Angara Indian Restaurant Reviews List
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